Can Robot Vacuum Clean carpets? 3 Things to know!

Can Robot Vacuum Clean carpets?

A robot vacuum cleaner is a floor-cleaning device that can clean carpets. It uses suction to pick up dust, dirt, and hair fibers on the floor. This type of vacuum cleaner is helpful if you have pet allergies or a messy home with many pets. If you’ve decided to buy a robot vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet, But before you go ahead, there are few things you need to know and consider! This blog will cover the basics of robot vacuum cleaning and answer some of their most common questions about “can robot vacuum clean carpets?”.

How does the robot vacuum work?

If you’re thinking of investing in a robot vacuum cleaner for your home, you need to be aware of a few things first. For example, a robot vacuum cleaner is a machine that uses powerful suction to clean floors and carpets with sensor-based mapping and Artificial intelligence (AI).

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It has several attachments – such as a dustbin, brush, and hose – to get the job done. The robot navigates around the room using these attachments and adjusts its speed depending on the flooring surface it’s cleaning.

You don’t need special training and experience to operate a robot vacuum cleaner – they’re easy to use! You can connect it with google home, Alexa, or apple home via voice control, wifi, or apps.

So, why not get one now and start enjoying clean floors and carpets in no time? But there are questions to be asked, like a robot vacuum clean carpets? Can they do heavy jobs like this? read on –

Can robot vacuum clean carpets?

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Robotic vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more popular, but there are a few things that you need to hear before making the switch.

Firstly, robotic vacuums are not recommended for carpet cleaning. Their suction is weak; consider it an upright vacuum.

Secondly, if you have a dog or cat, keep an eye on them while the robot vacuum is in use – they may get tangled in the cords. You need to introduce your pets to vacuuming.

Finally, if you’re looking for the best results, use a robotic vacuum designed explicitly for carpets – these machines have powerful suction and stronger brushroll than general-purpose models. Thicker rugs prevent a robotic vacuum from effectively collecting dust on low- or medium-pile floor coverings.

Bottom line: A robotic vacuum cleaner can’t handle the job as well as an upright or canister vacuum, no matter how thick or thin your carpet is. But, nowadays, some powerful robotic vacuum models can clean carpets exceptionally well.

You must check reviews or talk to users before purchasing. Just join some relevant robotic vacuum group from Facebook or other social media.

Pros & Cons of using a robot to clean carpets:


  • Robotic vacuum cleaners are more efficient than manual vacuum cleaners and can clean floors much faster.
  • They’re generally cheaper to buy and run than an upright vacuum cleaner.
  • Some robotic vacuum models have good suction power, which can collect dust well on low-pile rugs.


  • Due to its design, a robot cannot reach hard to cleaning areas or tight corners. This is where an upright vacuum cleaner comes in handy.
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners do not have a dustbin like an upright vacuum cleaner, so you will need to clean it after use. (Certain modern designs include a self-emptying charging dock base, which empties itself into the bin automatically)

5 Best Robot Vacuums For Carpet Cleaning

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While a traditional canister or upright vacuum requires time and energy, the best vacuum (robotic) can automate the cleaning process and even operate when you’re not at home, which can be a huge time-saver.

Although many robot vacuums struggle with navigation on the carpet, a few can do a decent job.

We gathered some decent models which can do a decent job for your carpet cleaning.

  1. iRobot Roomba s9+ (Best Roomba for carpet)
  2. Roborock Q7 Max+ (Best robot vac for carpets and hardwood)
  3. Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra (Best robot vac for thick carpet)
  4. iRobot Roomba j7+ (Best robot vac for cluttered carpet)
  5. Shark AV2501S (Best robot vac for pet hair on carpet)
  6. Wyze Robot Vacuum (Best budget robot vac for carpet) 

You can check Amazon for details and the price range. You can review our other blogs for informative details.

Do iRobots work on carpets?

No, robot vacuum cleaners are not designed to clean carpets. While a few models do come with a carpet cleaning option, it is not recommended to use them on carpets as they often leave behind residues and dirt.

If you need your carpet cleaned by a robot, be sure to get one that specifically mentions this feature, as many models don’t include it.

Does the Roomba vacuum work on carpets?

The traditional Roomba vac is not specifically designed to clean carpets but can still help to remove dust and dirt from the carpet surface. The Roomba may struggle to pick up debris if your carpet is very dirty or matted.

Always use the included brush attachment when cleaning carpets with a Roomba for best results.

Can robots Mop carpets?

Yes, robot vacuum cleaners can clean carpets! In fact, most of them come with a special brush that can clean carpets efficiently. Robotic vacuum cleaners are becoming more popular these days because they clean floors and carpets.

Do robot vacuums work on thick carpets?

Most robot vacuum cleaners are designed to clean up to 3mm in diameter carpets. However, you may need to adjust the height of the vacuum cleaner depending on the type of carpet and its thickness.

Also, check if your robot vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter before using it. A HEPA filter will help filter out all types of dirt and dust particles.

Can robot vacuums go from hardwood to carpets?

This is a factual question! Unfortunately, robot vacuum cleaners cannot navigate and clean carpets like a human vacuum cleaner can.

To be able to vacuum hardwood and carpet surfaces, a robot vacuum would need additional attachments that you would have to purchase separately.

Do robot vacuums work on thick carpets?

Robot vacuum cleaners generally don’t work well on thick or dense carpets. If you have a lot of pet hair on your carpet or if the carpet is new and hasn’t been used before, then a robot vacuum may be able to clean it.

Otherwise, you will need to hire an expert who cleans carpets with robots.


So, you’re thinking of buying a robot vacuum cleaner to clean your carpets – great idea! But before you do, make sure you know all the facts! This blog discusses “can robot vacuum clean carpets?”, their pros and cons, and Top robotic vacuum brands for effective carpet cleaning

. So go ahead & take the plunge – a robot vacuum cleaner will make cleaning your carpets much easier!