How to blow up a pool with vacuum cleaner?

How to blow up a pool with vacuum cleaner
How to blow up a pool with vacuum cleaner?

Have you ever wanted to blow up a pool but found it too hard? Well, the good news is we’ve got an easy and foolproof way of how to blow up a pool with vacuum cleaner. And guess what? It uses a vacuum cleaner! Let’s dig into the basics of blowing up a pool using a vacuum cleaner.

How to blow up a pool with vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner attachment is best for blowing up a pool. Choose the right type of vacuum cleaner attachment for the task. They vary in terms of size, power, and features.

Add water to the pool when using an attachment until it’s covered by a few inches. Attach the vacuum cleaner to the pool and turn it on. Once it begins to blow up the pool, stop when the desired size is reached.

You can also enjoy your newly-blown up pool!

The best way to use a vacuum cleaner to blow up a pool

Using a vacuum cleaner to blow up a pool is the easiest and most efficient way to inflate it quickly. However, keep in mind the following factors before using a vacuum to inflate a swimming pool:

– Use the right vacuum cleaner for the job – an upright or canister vacuum is best for this task.

– Turn the vacuum cleaner off when you reach the pool surface to avoid damaging the pool liner.

– Keep the pool cover on while vacuuming to avoid any potential leaks.

When vacuuming, make sure you’re avoiding any items that could get stuck in the hose, such as leaves and debris. Also, be careful not to damage the pool’s liner by brushing against it too hard with the hose end of the vacuum cleaner. If necessary, back up and repeat steps 2-4 until the swimming pool is fully inflated.

For a Better Idea, See the Visuals:

Tips to make blowing up a pool easier

When it comes to blowing up a pool, a few tips can make the process easier and safer for everyone. The first step is to prepare the area. This includes clearing all obstacles from the pool area, including furniture or plants.

Once the ground is clear, connect the vacuum cleaner to the pool’s drain and turn the vacuum on.

Next, put on gloves and turn the vacuum on to full power. When the pool is two-thirds full, turn off the vacuum and let the water flow back into the pool.

Finally, repeat steps 3-4 until the pool is fully inflated. Following these simple steps, you can enjoy your new inflatable pool without concerns or worries.

Precaution and Treads:

I’m sorry, but blowing up a pool with a vacuum cleaner is completely unsafe. Vacuum cleaners are not designed for this purpose, and attempting to use one to inflate a pool could result in serious injury or damage.

Additionally, the suction power of a vacuum cleaner could potentially damage the pool material or cause it to over-inflate, potentially leading to the pool bursting or tearing.

It is important to use proper and safe methods for inflating pool toys and other inflatable items, such as using an air pump or compressor specifically designed for this purpose.

We recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions and taking necessary precautions to prevent accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you inflate a pool with a vacuum cleaner?

No, inflating a pool with a vacuum cleaner is not recommended. Vacuum cleaners are not designed for this purpose, and if you attempt to do so, it is possible to damage the pool liner and/or the vacuum cleaner.

Q: How do you blow up a pool without a blower?

You will need the cleaner, pool pump, and garden hose to blow up a pool with a vacuum cleaner.

Connect the garden hose to the vacuum cleaner and turn on the machine.

Aim the cleaner at the pool and press the button to start vacuuming.

The pool will be blown up within minutes.

Or you can see the visual here:

Q: How do you blow up a pool easily?

Blowing up a pool with a vacuum cleaner is easy if you do it the right way. Here’s how:

1. Put the vacuum cleaner tube into the pool and turn the power on.

2. Keep a close eye on the pool while it is being blown up; do not let it get too big or loud.

3. When the pool is the desired size, turn off the power and remove the vacuum cleaner tube.

Q: Can you make a vacuum blow out air?

Yes, you can make a vacuum cleaner blow out air. The air that can be blown out depends on the vacuum cleaner and the pressure applied. Blowing out air with a vacuum cleaner can improve the airflow in small spaces.


Vacuuming your swimming pool may seem like the simplest way to inflate it. But the truth is, it just doesn’t work. If your pool has not been vacuumed in a while, the walls of the pool could be sludge or algae covered, or the filter may need cleaning, which can cause air pockets in the water.

Blowing up your pool with a vacuum cleaner will not get through the sludge and other debris on the bottom of the pool. However, if you vacuum the floor and then use a – leaf blower to blow air into the pool, you can inflate it more easily.