How to Keep a House Clean With Dogs: Easy Tips & Tricks

How to Keep a House Clean With Dogs

Living with dogs is a rewarding experience, but it can also present challenges when it comes to keeping your house clean and tidy. Dogs bring joy and love into our homes, but they can also bring dirt, fur, and odors. Here are some tips and tricks to help you maintain a clean and fresh home while enjoying the company of your furry friends:

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Establishing a regular cleaning routine is essential when you have dogs in your home. Set aside time each day for quick clean-ups and schedule weekly deep cleaning sessions to tackle more thorough tasks.

How to Keep a House Clean With Dogs: Easy Tips & Tricks


Home Maintenance

Regular home maintenance, such as fixing leaky faucets, repairing torn window screens, and addressing any other issues promptly, can help prevent additional messes caused by your dogs.

How to Keep a House Clean With Dogs: Easy Tips & Tricks


Dog Grooming

Regular grooming not only keeps your dog looking good but also helps to minimize shedding and reduce the amount of fur in your home. Brush your dog regularly and bathe them as needed to keep them clean and fresh.

Storage Solutions

Invest in storage bins and containers to keep your dog’s toys, treats, and other belongings organized. Having designated storage spaces can help prevent clutter and make cleaning up easier.

Keep up with Vacuuming

Vacuuming regularly is key to managing dog hair and dirt. Make sure to vacuum carpets, rugs, and upholstery to keep your home free from pet hair and dander.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural and effective odor absorber. Sprinkle baking soda on carpets before vacuuming to help eliminate pet odors.

Designate Spaces for Dog’s Things

Set up designated areas for your dog’s bed, toys, and food bowls. This helps keep their belongings contained and prevents them from spreading throughout the house.

Invest in Air Fresheners

Consider using plug-in air fresheners or diffusers to keep your home smelling fresh and clean. Choose pet-friendly scents to ensure the comfort of both you and your furry companions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Clean My House If I Have A Dog?

To keep your house clean with a dog, sweep hard floors daily and mop as needed. Vacuum carpets based on shedding frequency. Consider brushing your dog daily and using shedding tools to manage fur. Additionally, wash your dog’s bedding regularly and vacuum upholstered furniture to minimize pet dander.

How Do I Keep My House Clean With My Dog That Sheds A Lot?

To keep your house clean with a shedding dog, brush your dog daily, use a good shampoo, control allergies, supplement diet, use a shedding tool, and vacuum regularly.

How Do You Deep Clean A House With A Dog?

To deep clean a house with a dog, vacuum daily, groom your dog regularly, and wash their bedding. Use baking soda on carpets and upholstery, and consider using an air purifier to reduce pet dander. Clean your dog’s food bowls and consider using indoor-outdoor rugs.

Is A Messy House Bad For Dogs?

A messy house can be bad for dogs as it can lead to respiratory problems and coughing due to dust and dirt. Regular cleaning and washing of dog’s bedding is important to maintain a healthy environment for your pet.


By following these tips and incorporating them into your daily routine, you can maintain a clean and welcoming home for both you and your beloved dogs. With a little effort and consistency, you can enjoy a tidy living space while cherishing the presence of your canine companions.