How to Keep the House Clean With Dogs

How to Keep the House Clean With Dogs

Having dogs at home can bring joy and companionship, but it can also lead to a messy house. From shedding fur to dirty paw prints, keeping a clean house with dogs around can be a challenge. However, with some simple strategies and regular maintenance, you can maintain a clean and fresh home while enjoying the company of your furry friends.

1. Establish a Regular Cleaning Routine

Creating a consistent cleaning schedule is essential to keep your house clean with dogs. Set aside time each day for quick clean-ups and dedicate specific days for more thorough cleaning sessions.

How to Keep the House Clean With Dogs


2. Use Pet-Friendly Cleaning Products

Opt for cleaning products that are safe for pets to avoid any harmful chemicals that can be harmful to your furry companions. Look for natural and non-toxic cleaning solutions to keep your house clean and your dogs healthy.

How to Keep the House Clean With Dogs


3. Groom Your Dogs Regularly

Regular grooming can help reduce shedding and keep your dogs clean. Brushing your dogs frequently can minimize the amount of fur they leave around the house, making it easier to maintain a clean living space.

4. Invest in Washable Pet Bedding

Using washable pet bedding can help keep your house clean and fresh. Opt for bedding that is easy to clean and can withstand regular washing to eliminate pet odors and dirt.

5. Create a Dog-Friendly Zone

Designate a specific area in your house for your dogs to play, eat, and rest. By confining your dogs to a designated zone, you can contain messes and minimize the spread of dirt and fur throughout the house.

6. Wipe Your Dog’s Paws

After walks or outdoor play, make it a habit to wipe your dog’s paws to prevent dirt and mud from being tracked into the house. Keep a towel or pet wipes near the entrance to easily clean your dog’s paws before they come inside.

7. Vacuum and Sweep Regularly

Invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner to effectively remove pet hair and dander from carpets, rugs, and furniture. Regularly sweeping hard floors can also help keep your house clean and free of debris.

8. Wash Your Dog’s Toys and Accessories

Regularly wash your dog’s toys, bowls, and accessories to prevent the build-up of bacteria and odors. Keeping these items clean can contribute to a healthier environment for both your dogs and your family.

9. Control Pet Odors

Use pet-friendly air fresheners or natural odor eliminators to keep your house smelling fresh. Regularly wash your dog’s bedding and clean their living areas to reduce pet odors and maintain a clean and inviting home.

10. Enlist Professional Help

If keeping up with cleaning tasks becomes overwhelming, consider hiring professional cleaning services to help you maintain a clean house with dogs. Professional cleaners can provide deep cleaning solutions to keep your home spotless and fresh.

By following these tips and staying consistent with your cleaning routine, you can enjoy a clean and tidy home while sharing it with your beloved dogs. With a little effort and dedication, you can create a clean and welcoming environment for both your family and your furry friends.