Can a Carpet Cleaner be used as a vacuum?

Vacuuming is a chore that most of us would instead not do. But it’s incredibly tedious when you have to vacuum your carpets because the dirt and grime just won’t budge. Do you have any other options? Can a carpet cleaner be used as a vacuum? Is it safe to do so?

In this blog, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of using a carpet cleaner as a vacuum and tell you whether or not it’s a good idea. So read on to find out!

Carpet Cleaner vs Vacuum Cleaner – What’s the Difference?

is there a vacuum and carpet cleaner in-one

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, there are two main types: carpet cleaners and vacuum cleaners. Carpet cleaners are specially designed to clean carpets or mats. On the other hand, Vacuums are typically used to clean floors and other hard surfaces. Let’s see the definitive answers –

1. What is Carpet cleaner?

A carpet cleaner is a machine that you use to clean your carpets. It’s similar to a vacuum cleaner but uses suction instead of air. This means that it can get into hard-to-reach places, and cleaning your carpets will be much quicker and easier than cleaning them using air alone.

2. What is a Vacuum cleaner?

A vacuum is a machine that cleans floors, furniture, stairs, and other surfaces. Airborne particles are sucked into the vacuum cleaner’s filters, where they are collected and discarded as waste.

3. Differences:

The Difference between these two appliances lies mainly in their suction power and brush roll. A carpet cleaner has powerful suction that can clean even deep-seated dirt, while a vacuum’s brush roll creates more agitation than a carpet cleaner and can therefore clean more quickly.

The other Difference between these two appliances is that you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean furniture, floors, and staircases, while a carpet cleaner is not suited for these cleaning tasks.

  • Using frequency: 

Carpet cleaner – Occasionally, when the carpet is filthy.

Vacuum cleaner – Usually used every day.

  • Function: 

Carpet cleaner – Deep cleaning carpet and removing stains.

Vacuum cleaner – Removing dry debris or dirt.

  • Mechanism: 

Carpet Cleaner – Releasing liquid, scrubbing with a brush, and sucking up the liquid.

Vacuum cleaner – Sucking up the dry debris, dirt, etc., on the surface only.

  • Ease of use

Carpet Cleaner -Time-consuming and a bit tricky to manage the machine

Vacuum cleaner – Very simple and easy to operate

  • Site of using

Carpet cleaner – Used on carpets that are dirty, stained, and need a deep cleaning.

Vacuum cleaner – Used on any surface, like flooring, sofa, carpet, etc. to remove loose dirt.

  • Ease of setup

Carpet cleaner – Setting up is a bit complicated and lengthy procedure

Vacuum cleaner – No particular setup is necessary

Now you can make the answer to yourself – can a carpet cleaner be used as a vacuum?

A carpet cleaner is mainly meant for cleaning carpets. It has a lot of suction power which helps remove the dirt and dust from the carpet’s surface. On the other thought, a vacuum cleaner is meant for cleaning all surfaces in your house, including carpets.

So which one is better? Carpet cleaner vs vacuum cleaner – Which is best for your home? Read below to find out!

Can a carpet cleaner be used as a vacuum cleaner? Should you?

Should You vacuum After Carpet Cleaning?

Both a carpet cleaner & a vacuum cleaner are efficient in cleaning carpets or flooring. But they are identical cleaning machines, as we discussed earlier in the blog.

However, as they look very similar, people often think they are doing the same kind of job. But is it true? Can you use a carpet cleaner as a vacuum cleaner? 

The answer is yes! but you shouldn’t use it as one! 

Vacuums have suction power that is powerful enough to pick up dirt, dust, and debris from every nook and cranny in your home. Carpet cleaning machines also use this type of suction to clean the carpet surface.

However, a vacuum cleaner has a wider brush roll that helps it reach even deep-seated dirt and hairballs. 

As a result, using a carpet cleaner as a vacuum will not achieve satisfactory results since the rug will end up smelling worse than before due to all the dust and hair that was missed while cleaning with the machine itself.

So, Can a carpet cleaner be used as a vacuum ??

It would be preferable if you didn’t use a carpet cleaner to vacuum in general. A vacuum cleaner does a different job from a carpet cleaner. Vacuum cleaners are also effective on nearly any flooring or surface, whereas carpet cleaners are solely for carpets. However, some differences need to be considered.

Pros and Cons of using a carpet cleaner as a vacuum

When cleaning carpets, there’s never a wrong answer – as long as you consult an expert first. Overall, using a carpet cleaner as a vacuum can be a great option if you have specific needs that it can meet.

For instance, you can use a carpet cleaner to clean difficult-to-reach areas, which is a big pro in its own right. 

However, there are also cons to consider. For example, a carpet cleaner may not be able to remove all the debris from your carpets, so you’ll need to use other cleaning methods alongside it.

Additionally, using a carpet cleaner as a vacuum might not be a good idea if your carpets are pet-friendly or if you have allergies. In short, always consult with an expert before deciding whether to use a carpet cleaner as a vacuum.

Is there a vacuum & carpet cleaner in one (Should you Consider)

There is no right-wrong answer regarding whether or not you should consider purchasing a vacuum and carpet cleaner in one. Ultimately, the choice is up to your specific needs. If you’re concerned about cleaning time and don’t want to spend too much money on separate appliances, then a vacuum and carpet cleaner in one might be the best option for you.

On the other hand, buying a vacuum with an attached suction brush may be ideal if you have ample space for both appliances and are looking for additional convenience.

There are some vacuums found on Amazon they claim to use as one. Trying them will be recommended if you want to clean carpets and other cleaning services in one machine.

How effectively can a carpet cleaner be used as a vacuum cleaner?

Yes, a carpet cleaner can be used as a vacuum. Just be careful to move the cleaner along the ground rather than sucking it into the machine; this will help avoid any damage. Additionally, carpet cleaners are designed to pick up dirt and debris from surfaces like all vacuums.

Is the vacuum mop combo good?

No, a vacuum cleaner and a mop combo are not good because carpet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner will damage the carpet’s fibers and increase the chances of the mop becoming clogged.

To clean carpets effectively, vacuum only the hard floors and avoid cleaning the carpet area. Use a specifically designed carpet cleaning product instead.

Is there a vacuum that steams cleans and vacuums?

Unfortunately, no vacuum cleaner can simultaneously clean carpets and hard surfaces. You need to buy two different vacuum cleaners – one for carpets and one for hard floors. Alternatively, you could try using a steam cleaner like the Hoover SteamVac.

Can the Bissell CrossWave just vacuum the carpet?

Based on the information that you provided, it seems as though the Bissell CrossWave can be used to vacuum the carpet. However, it is not the best choice as it does not have a HEPA filter that will trap all the dirt and dust particles.

A dedicated vacuum cleaner will be a better option for you if you want to clean carpets.

Do carpet cleaners vacuum also?

Yes, you can use a regular vacuum cleaner to clean carpets. However, it’s important to remember the types of messes that you can create with a standard machine – solutions like kitty litter and pet hair can create serious problems when cleaned up with a regular machine.

For carpet cleaning, it’s best to get a vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed for carpets. This way, you’ll be able to clean up all the dirt, dust, and pet hair that may have accumulated on your carpets.

Do I need a vacuum if I have a carpet cleaner?

No, you do not need a vacuum cleaner if you have a carpet cleaner. The primary function of a carpet cleaner is to remove dirt, dust, and pet hair from your carpets. If you want to clean more significantly into the pile of dirt or debris on the carpet, then you should use a vacuum cleaner.

However, getting a vacuum is unnecessary if you have a carpet cleaner. It may be harmful to your flooring.

Is there a vacuum that steams cleans and vacuums?

Can steam vacuum cleaners be used as a regular

No single vacuum cleaner can clean both floors and carpets effectively. That’s why it’s essential to read the instruction manual carefully before using your cleaner. Some vacuum cleaners have a Steam Cleaning option that helps eliminate dirt, dust, and debris.

Additionally, some vacuum cleaners also have a Steam Vacuum function that cleans carpets by steaming them. This is a great way to kill residual moisture and dirt particles in the carpet while preventing its subsequent re-growth.


Having read through this blog, it’s clear that there are pros and cons to using a carpet cleaner as a vacuum. However, the decision of whether or not to use a carpet cleaner as a vacuum ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Make sure to read through the article’s (Can a Carpet Cleaner be Used as a Vacuum) headings to better understand each argument before making a decision.

As always, if you have anything to know, just feel free to leave them below. please read our other blogs about vacuums!